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History of Evaluation Conference in Poland

The history of our conference dates back to 2005 when we organised the first edition of the event. Since then, our mission has remained the same and for the past twelve years we have been developing evidence, skills and knowledge across Europe so that we could obtain the best possible results of our work.

Over the past ten years the evaluation process has dynamically developed in Poland as well as in  other European Union countries.  Evaluation units influence this process mainly through efforts that enhance skills and build capacity of the system in individual countries. Our main project aiming at potential development in Poland is the International Evaluation Conference.

The event provides an excellent opportunity for the specialists involved in evaluation process to meet, network and understand different point of views represented by specialists from different backgrounds. Better understanding of specific needs, capacities and evaluation results, with the use of a complex groups of factors, brings about better outcomes of the evaluation process.

We are convinced that solid evidence from high quality evaluation matters. The theme of the conference fits perfectly into this view as we are saying that “evaluation matters”. By seeking innovative methods, challenging others to learn and unleashing the potential of institutions we contribute to improving the implemented solutions. 

This year, for the 12th time we will have a unique opportunity to participate in the event where domestic and foreign experts share their knowledge and experience. Over the last few years we were honoured to host esteemed speakers: respectable specialists in the field of evaluation as well as academics, evaluation practitioners and enthusiasts.To find out more about our the conference's history, please visit the websites of previous editions available here.