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The conference is held in Wrocław – the city thought to be one of the most lovely spots in Poland. The city is located on the Oder river and called the city of twelve islands and 112 bridges. Disturbing events from the past were preserved in the culture, places and architecture of the city which today encourage visitors to explore the history of Wrocław.


Na zdjęciu znajduje się widok Wrocławia

The venue of the event is Mercure Hotel Wrocław at Plac Dominikański 1. Please be informed that meals will be provided for all participants. Those of you who will come to Wrocław to take part in our event are kindly asked to arrange accommodation on their own.



To get to Wrocław we recommend you to take train. The Mercure hotel, where the conference will be held is 10 minutes away from the Wrocław’s Main Train Station. You can visit to check train times and book your train. Wrocław’s airport is located in the suburbia of the town.

To get to the city centre you can take the bus number 106. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the Wrocław's Main Train Station.