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History of the Evaluation Conferences in Poland

One of our main project to support the building of evaluation potential in Poland is international evaluation conference. It gives a unique opportunity to meet and clash the views of representatives of different environments, deepen knowledge and develop skills in a friendly environment.

For the first time, an evaluation conference organized by the Ministry of Economy and Labour and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development took place in 2005. Over the past fourteen years a lot has changed in evaluation both in Poland and Europe. These changes also took place due to the activities undertaken by national units, aiming at building the potential and culture of evaluation on a daily basis.

This year's conference organizes by the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development will address the topic of evaluation in the context of the new cohesion policy perspective for 2021-2027. Using the experience of the EU perspective 2014-2020, during the first day of the conference we want to conduct a discussion on the future of cohesion policy divided into thematic objectives (CP1-CP5), based on the assessment of current activities and presentation of planned changes. The future of cohesion policy is also an important factor for the future of evaluation - especially for national and regional entities. Therefore, already on the second day of the conference we ask the question "Quo vadis evaluation?" and then using panel discussions, we will present different approaches to evaluation.

We are glad that for the thirteenth time we will have the opportunity to participate in an event during which domestic and foreign authorities share their knowledge and experience with us. In recent years, we've had the opportunity to host the best: researchers, representatives of EU institutions, NGOs and enthusiasts.

We are convinced that a better understanding of the needs of entities involved in the evaluation process at various stages of its creation, as well as the possibilities and limitations as well as the conscious use of results contribute to the quality of the work we provide. This is particularly important because reliable evidence from evaluation can form the basis for assessing, changing or maintaining both national and international public policies.

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